250+ Mother Quotes – Short And Sweet Mother’s Day Quotes

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2024)

When words fall short of expressing our immense love and gratitude for our moms, “Best Mother Quotes” come to our rescue. On Mother’s Day, these quotations express our appreciation for moms’ selflessness, advice, and unconditional love.

These short and sweet best mother quotes hold the power to encapsulate emotions in just a few words, making them perfect for expressing feelings that often run too deep for long paragraphs.

In the following sections, we’ll explore a collection of such best mother quotes that beautifully capture the essence of this extraordinary bond

Best Mother Quotes

A mother understands what a child does not say. – Jewish Proverb


I love my mother as trees love water and sunshine. She helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights. -Terry Guillemets


A Mother’s love is something that no one can explain, It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain, It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may For nothing can destroy it or take that love away. – Helen Steiner Rice

There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. – Jill Churchill


A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. – Victor Hugo


To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow. — Maya Angelou


My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind. — Michael Jordan


You are evidence of your mother’s strength, especially if you are a rebellious knucklehead and regardless she has always maintained her sanity.  – Criss Jami


Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. – Robert Browning

My mother’s menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it. – Buddy Hackett


A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. – Irish proverb


Whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it. — Barney Stinson


An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.  – Rudyard Kipling


A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother – and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment. — Anna Jarvis


As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true. She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart. I cannot now imagine a life without her.―Kristin Hannah


Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears. —Kate Winslet


Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws. – Barbara Kingsolver

A mother is a woman who shows you the light when you just see the dark. – Grimaldos Robin


There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between the mother and a son. – Anonymous


The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children. – Karl Lagerfeld


A boy’s best friend is his mother. – Joseph Stefano


My mom was always my friend. Always. —Taylor Swift


The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. —Honore de Balzac

A mother had a slender, small body, but a large heart a heart so large that everybody’s grief and everybody’s joy found welcome in it, and hospitable accommodation. – Mark Twain


If evolution works, how come mothers still have only two hands? – CROFT M. PENTZ


To all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle, I say, ‘Be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are. — Jeffrey R. Holland


All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. – Abraham Lincoln


I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. – Abraham Lincoln


My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star and my life has changed so much for the better since she came along.  – Denise Van Outen


God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. —Rudyard Kipling

When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.  —Charley Benetto


My Mother: She is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her. – Jodi Picoult


A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. ― Washington Irving


Mothers give up so much so that their children can have so much. – Catherine Pulsifer


Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. – Eric Fromm


My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and more intelligent than college professors. – Maya Angelou


My mother has always been my emotional barometer and my guidance. I was lucky enough to get to have one woman who truly helped me through everything. —Emma Stone


The hand of a bride becomes the hand of a mother. Ever so gently she cares for her precious child. Bathing, dressing, feeding, comforting—there is no hand like mothers. Nor does its tender care diminish through the years. —Thomas S. Monson

The best place to cry is in a mother’s arms. – Jodi Picoult


Your most valuable parenting skill is learning to manage yourself first. —Dr. Laura Markham


One is a mother in order to understand the inexplicable. One is a mother to lighten the darkness. One is a mother to shield when lightning streaks the night, when thunder shakes the earth when mud bogs one down. One is a mother in order to love without beginning or end. – Mariama Bâ


Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field since the payment is pure love. – Mildred B. Vermont


Sometimes, mothers say and do things that seem like they don’t want their kids … but when you look more closely, you realize that they’re doing those kids a favor. They’re just trying to give them a better life. ―Jodi Picoult


Acceptance, tolerance, bravery, compassion. These are the things my mom taught me. – Lady Gaga


A suburban mother’s role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car forever after. -Peter De Vries


He that the daughter win must with the mother first begin. – English Proverb

Most mothers are instinctive philosophers. — Harriet Beecher Stowe


To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. – Bill Wilson


A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. – Agatha Christie


Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face. – George Eliot


Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed. — Linda Wooten


Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials. – Meryl Streep


There is no teacher equal to mother and there’s nothing more contagious than the dignity of a father.  – Amit Ray


All I am I owe to my mother. – George Washington 


I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford. Then I want to move in with them.  – Phyllis Diller

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his. – Oscar Wilde


If you’re not scared, you’re not taking a chance, and if you’re not taking a chance, then what the hell are you doing? — Ted Mosby


Arise then, women of this day! Arise, all women who have hearts! … We, the women of one country, will be too tender of those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs…. — Julia Ward Howe


Everybody wants to save the Earth; nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes. —P.J. O’Rourke


[Motherhood is] the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary—it’s an act of infinite optimism. —Gilda Radner


If I were dammed of body and soul, I know whose prayers would make me whole, mother mine o mother mine. – Rudyard Kipling


Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy. – Tina Fey


We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong. – Laura Stavoe Harm

No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed. – Godfrey Winn


A little girl, asked where her home was, replied, where the mother is. — Keith L. Brooks


Loving you the way I do/I know we’re gonna make it through/And I would go to the ends of the earth/’Cause darling, to me that’s what you’re worth. —Carole King


The natural state of motherhood is unselfish. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.—Jessica Lange


A mother is a mother still, The holiest thing alive. –  Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Moms. Because not all superheroes wear capes. – ANONYMOUS


Love as powerful as your mothers leaves its own mark…To have been loved so deeply… Will give us some protection forever. — J.K. Rowling


No one else can be what you have been to me… You will always be the girl in my life…” – No one else can be what you have been to me… You will always be the girl in my life… –  Edmonds


There will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed. But in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child, you are super mom. – Stephanie Precourt

A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary. – Dorothy C. Fisher


Call your mother. Tell her you to love her. Remember, you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside. — Rachel Wolchin


Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her, there seems to be no heartthrob. —Leroy Brownlow


A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s. – Princess Diana


But there’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begin. ― Mitch Albom


Despite the fact that we ought to show adoration to you mother each and every day, Mother’s Day is that one day when we demonstrate the most love for you and make you feel like a Queen. – Sheila Sage


We are born of love; Love is our mother. — Rumi


My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter and became Picasso. – Pablo Picasso

I believe in the strength and intelligence and sensitivity of women. My mother, my sisters [they] are strong. My mum is a strong woman and I love her for it. —Tom Hiddleston


We help God’s children best by providing ways to build faith in Jesus Christ and in His restored gospel when they are young. —Henry B. Eyring


My mother was the one constant in my life. When I think about my mom raising me alone when she was 20, and working and paying the bills, and, you know, trying to pursue your own dreams, I think it is a feat that is unmatched. –  BARACK OBAMA


My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is. —Ron Olson


I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.- Mitch Albom


The phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant. – Jane Sellman


Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving. ―Gail Tsukiyama


Over the years, I learned so much from Mom. She taught me about the importance of home and history and family and tradition. She also taught me that aging need not mean narrowing the scope of your activities and interests or a diminution of the great pleasures to be had in the everyday. – Martha Stewart

Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together. – Pearl S. Buck


A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. – Tenneva Jordan


Her mother would tell her she was beautiful and that everything was all right. – Sarah Addison Allen


The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. – Theodore Hesburgh


Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are. – Cheryl Lacey Donovan


The mother is everything – she is our consolation in sorrow, our hope in misery, and our strength in weakness. She is the source of love, mercy, sympathy, and forgiveness. – Kahlil Gibran


Any mother could do the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease. — Lisa Alther


The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.  – Osho

Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn? all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience. – Julia Ward Howe


Mothers are inscrutable beings to their sons, always. – A.E. Coppard


A mother is the one who fills your heart in the first place. – Amy Tan


Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going. – Phyllis Diller


It would seem that something which means poverty, disorder, and violence every single day should be avoided entirely, but the desire to beget children is a natural urge. – Phyllis Diller


I know it’s a mistake, but there are certain things in life where you know it’s a mistake, but you don’t really know it’s a mistake, because the only way to really know it’s a mistake is to make the mistake, and look back and say, ‘Yep, that was a mistake.’ So, really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake because then you’d go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not. — Lily Aldrin


No one who traces the history of motherhood, of the home, of child-rearing practices will ever assume the eternal permanence of our own way of institutionalizing them. — Jessie Bernard


Motherhood is a choice you make every day, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong. ―Donna Ball


Having kids—the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings—is the biggest job anyone can embark on. — Maria Shriver

Birth is the epicenter of women’s power. – Ani DiFranco


Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it, nothing great was ever achieved. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.  -Robert Brault


Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own. – Aristotle


There are no rules in this house; I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom! —Mrs. George


Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall. A mother’s secret hope outlives them all. —Oliver Wendell Holmes


A man’s work is from the sun to sun, but a mother’s work is never done. – Anonymous


There is no occupancy limit on a mother’s heart. It expands with each child, whether you gave birth to that child or not–you just add another room. – HEATHER LENDE


Mothers are a special gift sent from God above. They bless us with their nurturing and fill us with their love. –   Faye Diane Kilday


Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother. – Lin Yutang


The more a daughter knows the details of her mother’s life the stronger the daughter. – Anita Diamant

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. —Stevie Wonder


Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together. —Susan Gale


If you can’t go back to your mother’s womb, you’d better learn to be a good fighter. ― Anchee Min


Roses are red violets are blue There is no one dearer than a Mom like you! – Kate Summers


That strong mother doesn’t tell her cub, Son, stay weak so the wolves can get you. She says, Toughens up, this is the reality we are living in. – Lauryn Hill


Love matches, so-called, have an illusion for their father and need for their mother. – Friedrich Nietzsche


It’s a funny thing about mothers and fathers. Even when their own child is the most disgusting little blister you could ever imagine, they still think that he or she is wonderful. —Roald Dahl


My mother never gave up on me. I messed up in school so much they were sending me home, but my mother sent me right back. – Denzel Washington

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past is forgotten, and the future worth living for. —Anonymous


Surely a mother who has chosen to sacrifice her sleep deserves respect and admiration for her generous mothering. – Naomi Stadlen


It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace. – Christopher Morley


Dan clung to her in speechless gratitude, feeling the blessedness of mother love, — that divine gift which comforts, purifies and strengthens all who seek it. ―Louisa May Alcot


Sooner or later we all quote our mothers. – Bern Williams


She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along. – Margaret Culkin Banning


To a child’s ear, “mother” is magic in any language. – Arlene Benedict


Mother-daughter disagreements were, in hindsight, basically mother stating the truth and daughter taking her own sweet time coming around. – Barbara Delinsky

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what you do in your life, you never stop needing your mom. – Kate Winslet


Mothers love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. – Marion C. Garretty


The word’s out: I’m a woman, and I’m going to have trouble backing off on that. I am what I am. I’ll go out and talk to people about what’s happening to their families, and when I do that, I’m a mother. I’m a grandmother. — Elizabeth Warren


A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.


If a man has been his mother’s undisputed darling he retains throughout life the triumphant feeling, the confidence in success, which not seldom brings actual success along with it. ― Sigmund Freud


We spend the first twelve months of our children’s lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up. – Phyllis Diller


My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it. – Mark Twain

It’s only once you’ve stopped that you realize how hard it is to start again. — Ted Mosby


To nourish children and raise them against odds is any time, any place, more valuable than to fix bolts in cars or design nuclear weapons. — Marilyn French


An Editor becomes kind of your mother. You expect love and encouragement from an Editor. – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


Mama took me in her arms and held me tight. Her embrace was hot and she smelled like sweat, dust, and grease, but I wanted her. I wanted to crawl inside her mind to find that place that let her smile and sing through the worst dust storms. If I had to be crazy, I wanted my mama’s kind of crazy, because she was never afraid. ―Sarah Zettel


You’re always going to wonder if you’re doing things wrong, but that’s what it means to be a mom, to care so much about someone else that you just want to be as perfect as possible. —Naya Rivera


There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation. – Pamela S. Nadav


My mother was the dearest, sweetest angel. She didn’t talk; she sang. She was a tower of strength.  – Jayne Meadows

Only mothers can think of the future – because they give birth to it in their children. – Maxim Gorky


You’re doing amazing, sweetie. —Kris Jenner


Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. —Charles R. Swindoll


And it came to me, and I knew what I had to have before my soul would rest. I wanted to belong to my mother. And in return I wanted my mother to belong to me. –  Gloria Vanderbilt


One of the very few reasons I had any respect for my mother when I was thirteen was because she would reach into the sink with her bare hands – bare hands – and pick up that lethal gunk and drop it into the garbage. To top that, I saw her reach into the wet garbage bag and fish around in there looking for a lost teaspoon. Bare hands – a kind of mad courage. – ROBERT FULGHUM


For the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. – W. R. Wallace


No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement. – Florida Scott- Maxwell


My mom taught me a woman’s mind should be the most beautiful part of her.  – Sonya Teclai


Blessed is a mother that would give up part of her soul for her children’s happiness. – Shannon L. Alder

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. —William Makepeace Thackeray


I was always an unusual girl. My mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality; just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean. ― Lana Del Rey


There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. – Chinese Proverbs


It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful? – Mahatma Gandhi


The woman is uniformly sacrificed to the wife and mother. – Elizabeth Cady Stanton


When you’re in the thick of raising your kids by yourself, you tend to keep a running list of everything you think you’re doing wrong. I recommend taking a lot of family pictures as evidence to the contrary. — Connie Schultz


My most important title is ‘mom-in-chief’. My daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world.  – Michelle Obama

A mother continues to labor long after the baby is born. —Lisa Jo Baker


However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle. – Valerie Harper


I wondered if my smile was as big as hers. Maybe as big. But not as beautiful. ―Benjamin Alire Sáenz


My mother is a walking miracle. – Leonardo DiCaprio


In all my efforts to learn to read, my mother shared fully my ambition and sympathized with me and aided me in every way she could. If I have done anything in life worth attention, I feel sure that I inherited the disposition of my mother. – Booker T. Washington


One of the oldest human needs is having someone to wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night. – Margaret Mead


Mother and daughter got on very well indeed, with a deep affection founded on an almost complete misunderstanding. – Mary Stewart


No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love. – Edwin Hubbel Chapin

Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind. – Kahlil Gibran


Most people’s mothers are the most influential person in their life. But my mother survived the camps, and she was very strong. She made me strong, but she wanted me to be strong. That’s more important.  — Diane von Furstenberg


One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters. – George Herbert


Every mother hopes that her daughter will marry a better man than she did, and is convinced that her son will never find a wife as good as his father did.  – Martin Andersen Nexo


Poverty is hereditary – you get it from your children.  – Phyllis Diller


The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny. – Albert Ellis


It’s not about proof; it’s about faith. Faith is what gives life shape and meaning. — Marshall Eriksen


I’ll be a wife and mother first, then First Lady.  – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


Women’s rights, in essence, is really a movement for freedom, a movement for equality, for the dignity of all women, for those who work outside the home and those who dedicate themselves with more altruism than any profession I know to be wives and mothers, cooks and chauffeurs, and child psychologists and loving human beings.  — Jill Ruckelshaus


I will look after you and I will look after anybody you say needs to be looked after, any way you say. I am here. I brought my whole self to you. I am your mother. ― Maya Angelou

The moment he wakes up from a nap.… Just a gummy mouth, no teeth, just a big smile, happy that you’re alive and you’re just looking at him. That’s probably the most magical.  — Jessica Biel


Because I feel that, in the Heavens above / The angels, whispering to one another, / Can find, among their burning terms of love / None so devotional as that of ‘Mother. – Edgar Allen Poe


She (mother) pushed us to always try harder, to want the best out of our lives, and to always be strong – a lesson she was forced to learn herself when we were all still young.  – Willie Davis


Don’t f*ck with my freedom/I came back to get me some/I’m nasty, I’m evil/Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter.  — Miley Cyrus


Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories. –  John Wilmot


My mom smiled at me. Her smile kind of hugged me. – R. J. PALACIO


The angels, whispering to one another, can find, among their burning terms of love, none so devotional as that of Mother…  –  Edgar Allan Poe


Good daughters make good mothers. – Abigail G. Whittlesey


The older I get, the more I see the power of that young woman, my mother. – Sharon Olds

Mom could make small things seem miraculous. That was her talent. – Matthew Quick


The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.  — James E. Faust


No man is poor who has a Godly mother. ― Abraham Lincoln


So I just want to stress to you the importance of mothers, because class, you’re going to have your October 22nd – and you just always remember that your mother is there who loves you, who will protect you, always stand with you. –  Kevin Vickers


When I was born, some of our relatives came to our house and told my mother, ‘Don’t worry, next time you will have a son. – Malala Yousafzai


Kids don’t stay with you if you do it right. It’s the one job where the better you are, the more surely you won’t be needed in the long run.  —Barbara Kingsolver


[Having children] made me understand that there was a purity to love. That there is unconditional love. – Jennifer Lopez


Through the blur, I wondered if I was alone or if other parents felt the same way I did — that everything involving our children was painful in some way. The emotions, whether they were joy, sorrow, love, or pride, were so deep and sharp that in the end they left you raw, exposed, and yes, in pain. The human heart was not designed to beat outside the human body and yet, each child represented just that — a parent’s heart bared, beating forever outside its chest. —Debra Ginsberg


My mother taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled. – Carly Fiorina

Grown don’t mean anything to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown? What’s that supposed to mean? In my heart, it doesn’t mean a thing. -Toni Morrison


The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. – W.R. Wallace


No daughter and mother ever live apart, no matter what the distance between them. – Christie Watson


Whatever our religion, we know that if we really want to love, we must first learn to forgive before anything else. – MOTHER TERESA


[A] mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled. — Emily Dickinson


Raising boys has made me a more generous woman than I really am. Undoubtedly, there are other routes to learning the wishes and dreams of the presumably opposite sex, but I know of none more direct, or more highly motivating, than being the mother of sons. – Mary Kay Blakely


If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? – Milton Berle


My mother always told me I wouldn’t amount to anything because I procrastinate. I said ‘Just wait’.- Judy Tenuta


At work, you think of the children you have left at home. At home, you think of the work you’ve left unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself. Your heart is rent. — Golda Meir


My mom is literally a part of me. You can’t say that about many people except relatives, and organ donors. – CARRIE LATEST


The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between. – Mother Teresa


Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.  – Harriette Hartigan


Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn, Hundreds of bees in the purple clover, Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn, but only one mother the wide world over.  – GEORGE COOPER


Always know that you’ve got a daughter that’s so, so proud you took the high road.  — Beyoncé

These “Best Mother Quotes” distill mothers’ boundless love and impact into short yet impactful phrases. With a few words, they reflect the wisdom, warmth, and nurturing care our mothers provide. Use these quotations to let your mother know that her love is cherished and her influence is bottomless.

Embrace the simplicity and depth of these words as you celebrate the incredible woman who embodies the essence of motherhood. Celebrate your mom with the best mother quotes. Express your love concisely on Mother’s Day with these short and sweet quotes.

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