500+ COVID 19 Quotes – Inspirational Quotes About Coronavirus

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2024)

In the face of unprecedented challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, people have sought solace, encouragement, and motivation through Coronavirus and COVID-19 quotes.

These powerful phrases resonate with individuals worldwide, reminding us of our collective resilience and the unity required to overcome this global crisis. From healthcare workers on the frontlines to individuals navigating isolation, these quotes provide comfort and a reminder that we are not alone in this fight.

Let’s explore some of the most inspirational quotes about Coronavirus that have helped millions find courage amidst uncertainty.

Coronavirus Quotes or “COVID 19” Quotes

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Mahatma Gandhi


We will do whatever it takes to protect the health and safety of Canadians, while making sure that our workers and businesses are supported. This is an extremely difficult time for all Canadians, and we need to make sure that essential workers have the support they need so they can continue to do the critical work we all rely on. Together, we will get through this difficult time. – The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada


To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. Buddha


The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on workers in all sectors, including those on the front-line saving lives in hospitals and nursing homes. The measures we are introducing today will ensure that they are properly compensated for their efforts, and ensure that workers who have lost income as a result of the pandemic get the help they need through the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. – The Hon. Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance


This Coronavirus outbreak is really cruel, do you know how many kids are going to be born with birthday’s that are always ruined by being around Christmas? – Dr. Hackinkoff


We remain unequivocal in our commitment to support Canadian workers impacted and unable to work due to COVID-19. Through the Canada Emergency Response Benefit we are ensuring that Canadians have access to the emergency income they need during this difficult time. Today’s announcement recognizes that many Canadian workers who did not qualify for the CERB were still in need of financial assistance which is why we have worked hard to expand the eligibility criteria to be more inclusive. – The Hon. Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion


Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health. Carl Jung


He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything. Arabian proverb


Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body. Joseph Addison

A particularly relevant quote for this time of working from home and social distancing. – Christopher Brown


Use your health, even to the point of wearing it out. That is what it is for. Spend all you have before you die; do not outlive yourself. George Bernard Shaw


Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health. Carl Jung


The healthy man does not torture others – generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers. Carl Jung


Your one stop shop for Coronavirus humor. – Dr. Hackinkoff


It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it. Thomas Sowell


Keep your vitality. A life without health is like a river without water. Maxime Lagacé


Not every business is going to get crushed during the quarantine…I have a feeling divorce lawyers are going to see a boom. – Dr. Hackinkoff


Three things in life – your health, your mission, and the people you love. That’s it. Naval Ravikant


Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it. Lucius Annaeus Seneca


A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought – they must be earned. Naval Ravikant


People are all bent out of shape that no one can touch during social distancing…but do you want to shake someone’s hand who’s out of toilet paper? – Dr. Hackinkoff


Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. Hippocrates


True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment. William Penn


There is no solution to this crisis without a properly functioning vaccine. – Hoffmann


I don’t think it’s going to be that hard to stay 6 feet away from my wife during the outbreak…that’s 94 feet closer than the restraining order says. – Dr. Hackinkoff


Toilet paper, disinfecting wipes and bottled water all became COVID-19 gold. ― Steven Magee


Happiness is the highest form of health. Dalai Lama


Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. John Muir


The world is going through a period of crisis, but whether we look at it as a crisis or as an opportunity to reshape our thinking, depends on us. So use this period as a lesson on how to live life with a concern for all of humankind. ― Abhijit Naskar


The human body is the best picture of the human soul. Tony Robbins


Wear a mask! ― Steven Magee


Doctors won’t make you healthy. Nutritionists won’t make you slim. Teachers won’t make you smart. Gurus won’t make you calm. Mentors won’t make you rich. Trainers won’t make you fit. Ultimately, you have to take responsibility. Save yourself. Naval Ravikant


The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness. Arthur Schopenhauer


The holy war is won with holiness. ― Lailah Gifty Akita


We have to reopen somehow. We can’t go in shutdown mode for 20 months….If we shut down like Wuhan, we destroy society as we know it. If we allow the virus to run willy nilly, we will destroy our healthcare system and the economy with it. – Bloomberg, Apr 9, 2020


Health consists with temperance alone. Alexander Pope


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates


COVID-19 puts people through Hell before taking them to Heaven. ― Steven Magee


Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished. Og Mandino


You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in. Dr. Seuss


The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. —Martin Luther King Jr.


Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work. Ralph Marston


When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy. Chinese proverb


I think the bottom line … is a really important one — that we are all obviously occupied and terribly concerned about what’s happening right now [with COVID-19], but we could be in the first inning of a nine-inning game [where] we’ve got 18 or more months left until we get the vaccine. – Fox News, Apr 7, 2020


I think the healthy way to live is to make friends with the beast inside oneself, and that means not the beast but the shadow. The dark side of one’s nature. Have fun with it and you know, is to accept everything about ourselves. Anthony Hopkins


Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging. —Joseph Campbell, author


If you want to wear a cloth mask, use it. Know that I don’t believe, or none of my colleagues, that this is going to have a major positive impact [against COVID-19]. But whatever you do, please don’t use a surgical mask….We’ve got to save them for our health care workers. – WCCO, Apr 4, 2020


It’s no longer a question of staying healthy. It’s a question of finding a sickness you like. Jackie Mason


You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. — Marcus Aurelius


We’re very, very short on ventilators, and we have to come to grips with the fact we are going to have people die in this country because we will not have enough ventilators. But then how do we start allocating them now? Who does get them? Why do they get them? – NPR, Apr 3, 2020


Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. Thomas Dekker


Danger gathers upon our path. We cannot afford — we have no right — to look back. We must look forward. — Winston Churchill


I love working out. It’s my release. I’ve done it since I’ve been in the military. Robert Irvine


Even areas that [stemmed their COVID-19 outbreaks] so well originally as people thought now are realizing that unless you can completely suppress this virus, it’s gonna come back, and it’s gonna keep coming back as long as you have susceptible people. – Raw Story, Apr 3, 2020


Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. Anne Wilson Schaef


The last of the human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. — Victor Frankl


I think many of us think that [China is] in part experiencing a resurgence [in COVID-19 cases] as they’re opening up their economy again, but they don’t want anybody to know it. – Daily Caller, Apr 1, 2020


Happiness lies first of all in health. George William Curtis


In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. — Sun Tsu


It’s what we predicted. Now we just have to get through this. We need a [COVID-19 response] plan; we need a way to understand how we don’t shut down the world. We can’t shut down the economy. – WCCO, Mar 30, 2020


I believe that how you feel is very important to how you look – that healthy equals beautiful. Victoria Principal


Logic will get you from A to Z; Imagination will get you everywhere. — Albert Einstein


We’re beginning to see data out of New York where there’s a number of [COVID-19] cases in the 30, 40, and 50-year-old age group that are very severe. People are dying and requiring extensive intensive-care medicine requirements, and that is among those who are obese. – Bring Me the News, Mar 30, 2020


I believe that if you’re healthy, you’re capable of doing everything. There’s no one else who can give you health but God, and by being healthy I believe that God is listening to me. Pedro Martinez


What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. — Ralph Waldo Emerson


I feel pretty good. My body actually looks like an old banana, but it’s fine. Mike Piazza


More than anything, what the United States needs right now is for the president to undertake an intellectual Manhattan Project: gather the best minds in public health, medicine, medical ethics, catastrophe preparedness and response; political leadership; and private-sector manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry. – New York Times op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Mar 27, 2020, on COVID-19


Happiness, contentment, the health and growth of the soul, depend, as men have proved over and over again, upon some simple issue, some single turning of the soul. George A. Smith


The wound is the place where the light enters you. — Rumi


No one planned on the whole world experiencing a health conflagration of this magnitude at once, with the need to test many millions of people at the same time [for COVID-19]. Political leaders and talking heads should stop proffering the widespread-testing option; it simply won’t be available. – New York Times op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Mar 27, 2020


Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind. Mary Baker Eddy


Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.— Dr. Alexis Carrel


We are literally within three to four weeks into the complete implosion of [COVID-19] testing in this country. So don’t plan an extensive national effort around testing, only to find out in a couple of weeks we can’t even do it. – NPR, Mar 27, 2020


It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it. Epictetus


Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. — Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher


Someone has to collect the garbage, deliver the foods and medicines, and keep basic services running, no matter what. We are going to have to learn to live with this [COVID-19] virus to some degree, until there is a vaccine — no matter what the data shows. Otherwise, there is no economy.- New York Times, Mar 26, 2020


COVID-19 has the potential to kill all presidential candidates prior to the election. ― Steven Magee


This virus will find everyone. It may start in the cities, but I can tell you that it is going to hit central Minnesota. Don’t be on the wrong side of this. This is all of us against the virus, not red states versus blue states. And if we all don’t act now, one day it will just be one big [COVID-19] fire.- New York Times, Mar 26, 2020


When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. Billy Graham


For the LORD your God walks in the midst of thy camp to deliver thee and to give up thine enemies before thee; therefore shall thy camp be holy; that he see no unclean thing in thee and turn away from you.”Deuteronomy 23:14 ― Lailah Gifty Akita


A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses. Hippocrates


We have to figure out now how we’re going to get these hospitals through, not just today, not this week, not next week, but potentially months of being under siege with these [COVID-19] cases – CNN, Mar 18, 2020


As long as your body is healthy and under control and death is distant, try to save your soul; when death is immanent what can you do? Chanakya


COVID-19, are you going to be naughty or nice to me? ― Steven Magee


It could take weeks for some places to see substantial increases. If we are successful in limiting transmission through the mitigation strategies, social distancing, then that should bring the numbers down. We’ll just have to wait and see. – St. Paul Pioneer Press, Mar 20, 2020


The medical literature tells us that the most effective ways to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many more problems are through healthy diet and exercise. Our bodies have evolved to move, yet we now use the energy in oil instead of muscles to do our work. David Suzuki


I enjoy shopping in a hazmat suit so much that I may continue to do so after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. ― Steven Magee


People who don’t know how to keep themselves healthy ought to have the decency to get themselves buried, and not waste time about it. Henrik Ibsen


We are all in the same COVID virus soup right now. No health care organization in the country is well suited, is well prepared to respond to this in terms of stockpiles of protective equipment. – St. Paul Pioneer Press, Mar 20,2020


You see people who have been very heavy in their life who have taken that body, trimmed it down, firmed it up through discipline, exercise and being able to say no. Eating properly, that all comes into it. Mike Ditka


Go to the bank looking like a bank robber! ― Steven Magee


They’re manufacturing as many N95 respirators as they possibly can. The suppliers are running 100% of the time. It’s just that we never stockpiled anything. We all counted on just-in-time use. Suddenly when they put in an order of 50,000 rather than 5,000, all that capacity becomes terribly inadequate for the need. – Rochester Post-Bulletin, Mar 15, 2020, on COVID-19


My health may be better preserved if I exert myself less, but in the end doesn’t each person give his life for his calling? Clara Schumann


COVID-19 enabled people to go to the bank looking like robbers, hazmat suits became fashionable, and social distancing was the norm. ― Steven Magee


There is a real downside to [closing schools]. If we lose 20% of our nurses or any of the occupational areas we have in healthcare, this could add a really devastating impact on our delivery of healthcare during the middle of this pandemic situation. – Rochester Post-Bulletin, Mar 15, 2020


A healthy outside starts from the inside. Robert Urich


Social psychologists have likened the effects of COVID-19 to that of the great World Wars for the characteristics are all there down to the sirens and curfews; it is after all a life-altering event that has blanketed the world with uncertainty and an unfathomable restriction on personal freedoms. ― Aysha Taryam


Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Jules Robson


We’re in a fight against this virus. We don’t have time for double talk. We need straight talk. – Fox News, Mar 13, 2020


To keep the body in good health is a duty, other wise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. Buddha


What you need to do now..? ― Muamonikasahu


On the [COVID-19) testing issue, this is one of our darkest moments in public health. I can’t remember a time we’ve failed to do what we should have done. When South Korea can test more people in one day than we’ve been able to test in eight weeks, that should tell you we have a problem. – Duluth News Tribune, Mar 13, 2020


Health is not valued till sickness comes. Thomas Fuller


What you need to do now..?
Protect your lungs. And try not to die.! ― Muamonikasahu


There are two kinds of people in this country: those who are in quarantine and those who will be soon…. I think the challenges are many, but I feel like we’re poised to respond [to COVID-19]. – Duluth News Tribune, Mar 13, 2020


Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn


This virus is shrewd in its camouflage and unabashed in its cruelty. ― Aysha Taryam


If they’re all getting infected and getting sick, we lose one of the most important ways to stop people from dying. – MinnPost, Mar 10, 2020, referring to protecting health workers from COVID-19


Health is the greatest gift. Buddha


Aloneness seems to be the greatest byproduct of this invisible enemy for whether or not a person has been infected the condition is one of separation, a self-imposed isolation. Be it out of fear or guilt you are expected to stop your life in its tracks and confine yourself willingly and against all natural instincts to the walls that house you. ― Aysha Taryam


Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the ill person can see. Robin Sharma


You can’t assume anymore that people are not capable of infecting you. In many cases they won’t even know they’re infected. [They] have to kind of assume the rest of the world is a coronavirus soup. If I don’t want to end up swimming in that bowl, I need to find another place on the plate. – New York Times, Mar 12, 2020


Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn


God, with a modern-day plague upon us, we ask for strength, guidance, and direction. When this is over, let us take what we have learned and make our world—your world—a more righteous place. ― Charles F Glassman

It was obvious weeks ago to those of us on the front lines of public health that contact tracing at the very best was going to slow the [COVID-19] virus temporarily and never going to stop it from spreading widely across the US — never. – CNN, Mar 10, 2020


The ambiguity shrouding this whole crisis makes it all the more difficult for the mind to adjust to, runners can only pace themselves if they know how far the finish line is and yet in this race our finish line is just a prediction, an educated guess. ― Aysha Taryam


Right now we’re approaching this like it’s the Washington, D.C., blizzard — for a couple days we’re shut down. This is actually a coronavirus winter, and we’re in the first week. – CNBC, Mar 10, 2020


This traumatic episode in history is proving to be one twisted psychological experiment on a massive scale, a testing whose effects on the mind will be studied for years to come for we know that after trauma comes the post-traumatic episodes and the world needs to be ready to help those of us who will need to be mentally supported once the worst is behind us. ― Aysha Taryam


No health care organization has gone out and stockpiled lots of personal protective equipment. They have always bought it on a just-in-time basis. So now we’re paying the price for that. – CNN, Mar 10, 2020, on COVID-19


One dares to say that only a pandemic of this scale could have slowed down the rat race yet this too will prove beneficial to some of us and a sheer torture to others for the mirror that COVID-19 has forced us to look into is one that has no cracks, it reflects reality in its harshest form and unless we truly look, and come out the other side changed human beings, all this agony would have been for nothing. ― Aysha Taryam


I think that it was unfortunate that a number of public health professionals said early on when COVID-19 first emerged that annual influenza was a much more serious problem. What they hadn’t understood was that they were only watching the opening scene of this particular ‘coronavirus winter,’ as I call it. We can expect to see a large number of deaths moving forward. – CNN, Mar 10, 2020


If you are blessed with your health in these times, then embrace the feelings that you are faced with, try to deal with them for there is a blessing in every tragedy and we must find it in order to endure. ― Aysha Taryam


Assume this [COVID-19] virus is everywhere….The President was not lying when he got up in front of the country and described the small number of cases we had confirmed. That was true, but did it reflect the reality of what was happening? Absolutely not. – CNN, Mar 10, 2020


Helping those in need is not charity, it’s humanity. ― Abhijit Naskar


It’s always been easy to be abstract when you’re a public health person when something’s happening in Africa or Asia or the Arabian peninsula. But now it’s happening here, and we have to internalize this. – CNN, regarding COVID-19, Mar 6, 2020


What we do today, we define tomorrow. ― Lailah Gifty Akita


This is a very important contribution to understanding both the natural history of COVID-19 clinical disease as well as the public health implications of viral shedding…. Early and potentially highly efficient transmission of the virus occurs before clinical symptoms or in conjunction with the very first mild symptoms. – Stat, Mar 9, 2020


Be positive and stop negative thinking and the key to stop negative thoughts in this hour of crisis of COVID-19, is to spread your love and positive energy in every direction for the well-being of the whole humanity. ― Amit Ray


What we need to do is to basically be able to share the news of what we know and don’t know [about COVID-19], but then tell people what are we going to do about it, how are we going to respond. And that’s what they’re doing in Singapore. – MedPage Today, Mar 5, 2020


Apathy is as dangerous, invisible, and contagious as an asymptomatic virus carrier. ― Khang Kijarro Nguyen


I think it’s pretty clear we’re in a pandemic, and I don’t know why WHO is resisting that. – Associated Press, Mar 7, referring to COVID-19


Pandemics are Earth cleansers. ― Mukesh Kwatra


If kids are not getting infected and they’re not getting sick [from COVID-19], then the last thing you want to do is shut down a school. – Reuters, Mar 6, 2020


A renewed and Pandemic cleansed Earth will emerge, like the Sun after rain. ― Mukesh Kwatra


This [COVID-19] virus is already all around the country. Think of this like seasonal influenza. We have regions that in any given week have more activity than other regions, but by the time the entire season is done, it’s covered the entire country. And when was the last time anyone thought of quarantining the United States for seasonal influenza? – Bloomberg New, Mar 3, 2020


I will always give you hope. Here is why. We will get through this. I want you to know this. This Easter I just chilled at home. So did you. Today I told a friend who was feeling low I told her this. We are in this moment. I know it is scary and depressing. BUT next year this will be a story. Maybe a topic of conversation on a first date. When this whole thing is over it will be “do you remember when” and we will get there. This too shall pass. ― Johnny Corn


I think right now we’re in uncharted territory with this [COVID-19] virus. By July, it could be largely absent from our communities or it could be a big problem. By early May we ought to be starting to have a better handle on it. – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mar 3, 2020


Crisis either causes regress or progress depending on the will of the people. ― Abhijit Naskar


People may want to try to limit their time in large crowds, but I don’t think that a domestic limitation on travel is going to help at all. – Bloomberg News, on COVID-19, Mar 3, 2020


Og coronavirus kan simpelthen mutere værre end en ulykke. Derfor er det en virus, vi roligt kan være bange for. Den har potentiale til at lave virkelig rav i den. Og så er den bare en almindelig, ubetydelig forkølelsesvirus. Spild af godt talent. (Oktober 2019)” ― Anders Fomsgaard, Det er bare en virus: Vilde beretninger om virus og kampen mod dem


You can make a vaccine against anything overnight. The challenge is does it work and is it safe? This is a long laborious process that can sometimes take many years, even under the best of conditions.


We learn more in crisis than in comfort. ― Abhijit Naskar


We just can’t shut down the world. So our job is going to be in the face of this coronavirus problem of making sure we also provide for the basic necessities for everyone until we get through.


These are not ordinary times where we play politics and juggle with the safety of the society. These are the times that demand prompt decisions and utter responsibility towards not just the self but our kind – the humankind.”
― Abhijit Naskar


While the case-fatality rate is much lower [with the COVID-19 virus], the transmission is quite dynamic, and many more people will get it. So comparing this illness with SARS or MERS is not helpful. – IANS, Mar 2, 2020


It [community COVID-19 spread] just tells us where there is testing, there are cases. And that’s what we have to understand. There is no such thing as a barrier containment to keep these out. It’s going to happen. And what we have to do now is get on with how we’re going to deal with them. – Stat, Feb 28, 2020


Feeling down? You know what I do. I step outside. I look at the birds, the cars, the trees, from a safe distance for everyone’s sake. Soak it in! Look around. YOU ARE STILL HERE! You are healthy and take heart. YOU are doing your patriotic duty staying home! YOU got this! ― Johnny Corn


The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. I expect a sizable jump in [COVID-19] cases in the next few weeks. – Los Angeles Times, Feb 28, 2020


Herd immunity is an open ended immunity framework, just allowing the fire to burn the house. It does not work. ― Amit Ray, Yoga The Science of Well-Being


Our prediction is we’re going to start seeing widespread [COVID-19] transmission in the United States in the next 4 to 6 weeks. It’s already occurring as early transmission now. We’re just missing it because of the inability to test. – KARE-11, Feb 27, 2020


You would be justified to believe that many Americans were killed by a government that failed to prepare for a pandemic. ― Steven Magee


We need, right now, to really develop communication plans so that we’re checking on people every day. That’s the kind of thing that’s going to get us through this [COVID-19 outbreak]; it’s not going to be some magic bullet or the fact that we’re going to be protected by masks. That’s not going to happen. – KARE-11, Feb 27, 2020


For those who have been affected physically, emotionally, and financially by this terrible pandemic, I pray that your spirit stays strong enough, so you may continue to see a dim light peaking through the darkness that will soon shine brightly again. ― Charles F Glassman


Of course it is [a pandemic]. We’re there. It doesn’t matter what kind of terminology you use…. We can either use pandemic as a word that makes us all quake with fear or we can use it as a rallying cry to say, ‘This is what we’re going to do to fight it. – KARE-11, Feb 25, 2020, regarding COVID-19


So my words of positivity. Let me be blunt. It’s gonna get really bad! I know what’s coming and I wish I didn’t. Why I have been advocating for people who just won’t believe how bad it is gonna get. IT IS NOT POLITICAL! But I am here. YOU ARE TOO. I am looking at you in the eye. YOU WILL BE OKAY! Just STAY HOME! Put your affairs in order and ride this thing out. There IS a life after this for most of us.

WE will all be a different person than we are today but that is okay! KNOW THAT! Experience changes us. Mold us. Make us who we are. YOU WILL BE FINE! WE are stronger together. What we need right now is LOVE. I’m that really liberal Cristian. I am ordained actually. ALL I say LOVE Thy Neighbor! Be kind after this and love and accept love back! Don’t be proud. Accept help! There is a life after this! ― Johnny Corn


We are not encouraging the use of these N95 respirators by the public. We are going to be in short supply anyway and we need to reserve these for our health care workers. – St Paul Pioneer Press, Feb 26, 2020, regarding COVID-19


We are in a depression. I don’t just mean economically. We are blue. It is okay to feel how you feel but don’t stay there. Think about the helpers. For example a friend got me a mask. Another friend got me cleaning supplies. She just may have saved my life! I have a fan who is making masks to help people. She elsewhere in the universe. So it’s everyone. We are stronger together! The whole world is feeling the same. So spread the love out there and accept that love in! This too shall pass! ― Johnny Corn


No. 1, we’ve got to really shore up in our health care facilities around the country, making sure we have as much protective equipment available as possible [to protect against COVID-19]. – NPR, Feb 24, 2020


The reason why COVID-19 was so bad in the USA is attributed to a lack of pandemic preparation by the government. ― Steven Magee


And what should each of us do, beyond staying informed and washing our hands frequently? Keep calm and rational. It might be worth stocking some reserve of critical medications, for example — but not too much, ecause hoarding could create shortages. – New York Times op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, on COVID-19, Feb 24, 2020


Do not behave like Boris Johnson during the COVID-19 pandemic. ― Steven Magee


As chilling as it is to imagine this scenario, what happened in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the epicenter of the outbreak, will likely play out elsewhere, too. Hospitals might have to turn away all but the people most seriously ill. – New York Times op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Feb 24, 2020


The biggest environmental change I noticed during COVID-19 was the absence of airplanes in the sky. ― Steven Magee


The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 seems to spread like influenza, through the air, person to person. Unlike Ebola, SARS and MERS, it can be transmitted by individuals before the onset of symptoms or even if they don’t become ill. – New York Times op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Feb 24, 2020


COVID-19 was a lesson in how the medical profession failed to prepare for a COVID-19 pandemic that they knew was imminent. ― Steven Magee


Basically if you get tested and you’re found and you’re positive [for the COVID-19 virus], then we know. But how many people right now are not being tested who are just like this case in Canada? – Stat, Feb 21, 2020


I have spent over a decade observing the government and concluded they are willfully incompetent in the health and safety of their citizens. ― Steven Magee


[The United States] will have many of the same challenges that China is experiencing. We will have too few hospital beds needed for both COVID-19 cases and other patients with the background illnesses we would expect to see every day. In addition, there will not be nearly enough personal protective equipment (PPE) available to protect health-care workers. – Daily Beast, Feb 20, 2020


Trader Joe’s has excellent COVID-19 customer policies. ― Steven Magee


Using surgical masks, whether in public or being near a COVID-19 case, likely offers little protection against virus transmission. The size of airborne particles containing the virus and that are in the same shared air space near a case means the virus will find their way into the areas where the masks are not flush against the face. – Daily Beast, Feb 20, 2020


We cannot fix a sickness of the society merely with strategy – that strategy has to be followed by the responsibility of the citizens. ― Abhijit Naskar


I don’t think airport temperature checks have any major effect on stopping or even slowing down [COVID-19] transmission. We just don’t have any good data to support that. – CNN, Feb 19, 2020


There’s a fine line between solidarity and stupidity. Which side you want to be on is entirely up to your commonsense. ― Mohith Agadi


I think companies are looking at it [COVID-19] in a way they hadn’t looked at it before because I think the disease itself is convincing people this has a potential to be around for a while. – Washington Post, Feb 19, 2020


It’s is their “will” that plays part in the solidarity, not their socio-economic status! ― Mohith Agadi


Governments must support private-sector manufacturers in providing N95s and other equipment to front-line health-care providers and other essential workers. In terms of minimizing illness and death, this will be more important than any border closing, airport screening or quarantine. – Washington Post op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Feb 13, 2020


We ask that you place your healing arms around us, creating calm, protect each person, healing those suffering from this awful virus. In Jesus name we pray, amen. ― Ron Baratono


It is no longer useful to debate how long and far this disease will spread. Public-health officials should stop trying to convince the public and political leaders we can contain this virus to China. One of the greatest hazards to the public in any crisis is misinformation from official sources. = Washington Post op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Feb 13, 2020


The literary universe of insight that I’ve created is so vast that many would end up plagiarizing my statements and some of them would be popular public figures, but I can’t despise them for that, because at the core of my ideas there is one principle – I and all humans are one. ― Abhijit Naskar

Coronavirus Quotes or COVID 19 Quotes 
Coronavirus Quotes or COVID 19 Quotes

In a very real sense, what happens to our health-care workers will be the metric of how we respond to this unfolding [COVID-19] crisis. If we don’t do all we can to protect them, they will quickly transition from providers to patients, further stressing already overburdened facilities. – Washington Post op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Feb 13, 2020


The COVID-19 homeless epidemic is coming. ― Steven Magee


Look at the accelerating number of [CWD] cases. This is out of control in the wildlife populations – Explore Big Sky, Feb 10, 2020


Most of us carry loads on ourselves that we really don’t need to carry.― Abhishek Ratna


What the hell happens when you introduce CWD into meat processing environments? If somebody’s deer or elk comes through and it’s contaminated, what does that mean for everything else behind it? I’ll tell you: it’s not good because it’s not easy to sterilize and decontaminate places and surfaces that become tainted with prions. – Explore Big Sky, Feb 10, 2020


A virus has neither pride nor prejudice.
It’s an equal opportunity infector. ― Khang Kijarro Nguyen


What we’re watching is the public health community trying to catch up to the speed of the virus. – Stat, Feb 8, 2020, regarding COVID-19


To experience a crisis is to live in a world that is momentarily up for grabs. This book will help you in preparing yourself to grab the best opportunities and thrive in the post COVID19 outbreak era. ― Abhishek Ratna


The [COVID-19] numbers coming out of China right now have to be viewed with some real caution. Part of the challenge we have is that there very well may be at best only 10% of cases that are actually getting counted. – WCCO Radio, Minneapolis, Feb 10, 2020


COVID19 will have a deep and lasting impact on the world we live in. Our world will get clearly divided into two eras – Pre COVID19 and Post COVID19 era.― Abhishek Ratna


Now is the time for every local and regional healthcare system to plan for the potential wave of [2019-nCoV] patients needing hospital beds, many requiring intensive care. Emergency departments will be overrun with ‘real’ cases and ‘worried well’ who need testing. – Time op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Feb 4, 2020


No one knows exactly what will come, but one thing is certain, our society—government, healthcare, the economy, our lifestyles and more—will change fundamentally and forever. ― Abhishek Ratna


Would we consider going to war and then ordering aircraft carriers or other weapon systems for the fight? Yet that is how we often deal with vaccines and drug treatments for diseases of epidemic potential. – Time op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Feb 4, 2020


As everything we do in this world, be it work, business, politics or relationships, it is through humans, and we may still be successful if we understand and use the basic laws governing human nature and behavior to our advantage.― Abhishek Ratna


Viruses don’t change when crossing political borders, so we can expect this one to continue behaving as it did in China. Nothing any government can do will effectively stop its spread. – Time op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Feb 4, 2020, regarding 2019-nCoV


In the times of uncertainties, it is best to focus on ‘what we can control’ and just drop ‘what we can’t control’. ― Abhishek Ratna


Mother Nature has the upper hand, and she is using the trappings of modern life—air travel, burgeoning population and low-income country megacities, encroachment on natural habitats, and an interconnected global just-in-time delivery system—to extend her reach. – Time op-ed, with Mark Olshaker, Feb 4, 2020, regarding 2019-nCoV


So far new viruses originate us, thus far nature to origin its originality ― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar


Elected and appointed officials will do well to follow the lead of some of the very seasoned long term federal employees who are at the table. They’ve been through a lot of these events like this and fortunately we have them and they really represent the best of the best. – Time, Feb 4, 2020, regarding 2019-nCoV


You cannot trust the government regarding COVID-19. ― Steven Magee


Every health care organization in the country should be dusting off any of their plans they’ve ever had for mass infection events like this where they need to hospitalize many more patients. – MinnPost, Jan 31, 2020, regarding 2019-nCoV


I would expect some COVID-19 survivors to be left with High Altitude Diseases (HAD) from lung damage. ― Steven Magee


I have no doubt [2019-nCoV] will travel across the world, including the United States. Just like with controlling the flu, it’s kind of like controlling the wind. You can’t. – MinnPost, Jan 31, 2020


So far new viruses originate us, thus far the nature to origin its originality” ― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar


Viruses don’t change their skin when they cross the political boundary, so what we are seeing in China [with 2019-nCoV] is absolutely going to happen around the world and what is happening in China right now is very extensive transmission. – FOX-9, Minneapolis, Jan 30, 2020


On the other hand, positive thinking and positive emotions “broaden and build” our resources and skills, and open us up to possibilities of growth and development. ― Abhishek Ratna


When this [2019-nCoV] hits us with any real punch, public health will be the fireman, the policeman, the EMS, the National Guard, all wrapped in one. And yet, when you look at what we invest in public health overall, unfortunately it is often on a shoestring budget. – Los Angeles Times, Jan 30, 2020


Building a positive mindset is not about being effervescent and annoyingly cheerful, but making an investment in yourself and your future. ― Abhishek Ratna


Every time we get an outbreak, there’s an outpouring of voices saying we’re going to have a vaccine. I wish we had these [2019-nCoV] vaccines, too, but transferring the Grand Canyon to the state of New York is probably more practical at this point.


It’s okay to feel down or think pessimistically sometimes, but choosing to respond with optimism, resilience, and gratitude will benefit you far more in the long run. ― Abhishek Ratna


Don’t tell the public that everything’s going to be OK, but at the same time, tell the public we’re going to get through this. – Axios, Jan 30, 2020, regarding 2019-nCoV


If COVID-19 was named after the country where it wreaked the most havoc, it would be called the ‘American Virus’. ― Steven Magee


“The idea that we could create this seal around China is just totally unrealistic. I think at that point, you have to assume we’re going to see widespread [2019-nCoV] transmission around the world. – MEDSCAPE, Jan 28, 2020


As Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic continues to spread, thousands of companies are now thankful for their successful digital transformation strategy while many others are in great agony of not doing it correctly. ― Enamul Haque


It wouldn’t surprise me if in the next week or less there will be some further reconsideration in China of how to stop this [because the lockdown in Wuhan] is a little like shutting the barn door after the cows have escaped. – Los Angeles Times, Jan 25, 2020, regarding nCoV


This is not a time to cast blame. Those who do so may be hiding behind the excuse of helping but it is a power play and actually quite hurtful. ― CHARLES F GLASSMAN

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Coronavirus or “COVID-19” quotes have emerged as beacons of hope, reminding us of our shared strength and determination. By turning to these quotes, we can find strength to endure, gratitude for frontline heroes, and a sense of unity that crosses boundaries. As we navigate these challenging times, these quotations exemplify our resilience and firm attitude in the face of hardship.

Stay strong, for together, we shall overcome the trials of COVID-19.

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